Virtual Data Room Providers

It is crucial to have the right virtual dataroom service available when you’re working on important projects or transactions. There are many providers that are not the same. Even the smallest differences in features, prices or interfaces could have a big impact on a deal.

This article is designed to help you find the most suitable virtual data room providers based on your particular needs. We look at key criteria such as functionality, cost structures, security implementations and usability to help you choose the best solution for your company.

Traditional Providers

Traditional VDR solutions are distinguished by their older software models and per-document pricing models. They usually have a higher learning curve, and they lack crucial features that can speed up processes.

Modern Providers

A newer breed of virtual data room providers has emerged, offering Software-as-a-Service models that significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs while delivering professional-grade document control. These companies are usually geared toward mid-sized companies as well as investment banks.

iDeals is a leading virtual data room service with an emphasis on facilitating due diligence in M&A, real estate, biotech and technologies. In contrast to other providers which require users to download plugins to work, iDeals works seamlessly across all operating systems, browsers and devices without limitations. Its features include fast upload speeds of up to 5MB second, SmartLock, which allows for revocation of access even after the documents have been downloaded, redaction integrated, and DocuSign Integration. Support is available 24/7 in different languages.